Web appsMarketReach workshops: click with your market

June 8th, 2011 by Greg Boutin

MarketReach© is a series of workshops integrated into actual “work”, all designed to identify the best market for your product and the most effective ways to connect with that market.

MarketReach is designed for company and product leaders. Together, we seek to achieve a market breakthrough, as per GrowthRoute’s self-assigned mandate.

Between the workshops, we all complete assignments – including me. Those are not theoretical assignments, we are actually creating the strategy, validating it, and implementing it – iteratively.

The workshops are designed to share our analysis, recommendations, and approaches. My role is to motivate, structure and moderate participants’ contributions.

Participants tell me they find working on actual company challenges invigorating – it’s not taking time away from work, it helps them do it. The workshop often makes participants practically realize the need to further focus on a well-define market, something few consultant’s reports ever achieve.

MarketReach is usually company-specific. Contact me to arrange the first workshop.