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Semantic appsMarketing the Semantic Web, My Article on Nodalities Magazine

August 8th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Talis has just released its latest issue of Nodalities Magazine, including an article I wrote on Marketing the Semantic Web. You can find it at, and I copied the article below (together with URLs that were not included in the pdf version).

My article notwithstanding… this is a very strong issue of Nodalities, with an emphasis on the business applications of the technology, and my personal favorite, the quest for the “killer app”. For those of you interested in the intersection of business and semantic technologies, I invite you in particular to check out the great articles by Andraz Tori, “New Web Cambrian Explosion – Killer Apps?”  and Eric Hoffer, “Semantic Technology in the financial industry”. I won’t mention that of Alex Iskold on search as I know you don’t need an ego boost, Alex, after all those offers for financing pouring in at the semtech conference… ;)

So, here is my article in PDF version, which you’re warmly encouraged to redistribute (as provided):

Download Nodalities_Greg_Boutin.pdf

And the HTML version: (more…)

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