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Emotional intelligence and startup fundraising (“Pathos”)

June 27th, 2011 by Greg Boutin
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills by four qua...

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In my previous post, I explained the importance of a logical business case anchored in compelling facts. I’ll expand in a future post on how to build a solid case. First, let’s highlight that in practice,¬†compelling business cases will frequently fail to convince investors. And occasionally, entrepreneurs with evidently subpar business cases will manage to close a financing round. Why is that?

In a nutshell: because investors are people too.¬†Yes… even venture capitalists. Since some may disagree on whether they have a heart, let’s just call it a right brain – the part of our brain that contains the subjective, intuitive functions.

Investors use their right brain extensively when making go-or-no-go investment decisions. While those decisions might sometimes seem illogical as a result, there are several reasons investors rely on more than just a purely analytical approach: (more…)

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Are You into Growth or Lifestyle? Building on Great RWW Post

June 9th, 2009 by Greg Boutin

A great post 3 days ago by ReadWriteWeb COO Bernard Lunn on 10 Things to Be Clear About Before You Start a Company. I had the chance to meet Bernard last month at the Web 3.0 conference when we had dinner with a group of Web 3.0 business pioneers (including Alex Iskold of AdaptiveBlue and Andraz Tori of Zemanta). Bernard is one of those unassuming types with a bottomless wealth of knowledge activated on demand. You know, that type of folks everyone likes to have a conversation with, with a good glass of wine to complete the picture.

One of the many ideas that intrigued me in his post is that of checking whether you’re made to grow a lifestyle business, or to pursue a growth company. The reason it caught my attention is that lately I met a lot of tech entrepreneurs who started a business, acquired a few clients and grew revenues, and at that point started to play with the idea that they may need to raise money — and yet are far from clear on what changes this pathway will require from them and their business. (more…)

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