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Semantic appsA Cool Video to Get the Semantic Web Idea

September 14th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Continuing with my "Intro to the Semantic Web" "series", I came across this good introductory video on YouTube. There are many more, take a look.

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Semantic appsHow Inbred Is the Semantic Web?

September 12th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Extend your definition of early adopters. This is the subject of a captivating post by Jackie Peters, a quick read created yesterday and entitled Breaking Out of the Echo Chamber – Finding the Balance Between Early Adopters and Mass Markets. There is certainly a lesson in this that our semantic web community can apply. Are we in-bred? I don't think so, given the large number of new faces at the last Semantic Technologies conference. But we need to keep up our efforts to target more "real" people (read: "mainstream early adopters") and meet real demand by addressing real needs with real apps…

I'm suggesting that it may also be beneficial to perhaps differentiate between “anticipatory” adopters, people adopting a technology for its future potential (either as users or as contributors), even before that technology is ready, and actual early adopters, who do use the first versions for the user benefits they offer. It's easier said than done in marketing, as those two groups will invariably include two very different types of people. Organizing your marketing by group of users, so that you cater to both, can be a productive way to address that problem. May not be trendy, but old lessons still apply: sometimes one needs to divide to conquer.

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Semantics Incorporated

September 11th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Fortunately, it is rare for parents to offer a name change to a child on her first birthday. As similar as blogs are to the little dictators-in-diapers, there are differences worth acting upon. If you’ve been following this blog since its inception, you’ve probably noticed a couple of blog title change instances. I landed about 6 months ago on “ideas to Markets”, which reflected my intention to write about the semantic web in the broader context of marketing. Yet, somehow, after a few posts, it felt like it didn’t fully captured the essence of this blog, nor was it meeting my stringent standards of “catchiness” and “stickiness”. To top it all, it overstepped on the concept of another blog I am to launch soon, dedicated to the science of killer value propositions (I’ll signal the launch on this blog).

For the upcoming first anniversary of this blog, I have therefore decided to give it a revamping. Having learnt about Zemanta through a comment made to my last post by its CTO Andraz, I put the app to good use, adding some pics (relevant and sometimes a bit less so – like the one in this post…) and links, which I think gave the posts a more welcoming look. I would love your feedback on the result (and no, I have no stake in Zemanta, although I certainly would love to!)

Semantic plankto... Or how semantic tool Zeman...

Now comes the name change. There is no suspense, since you’ve already seen it up there: this blog is now “Semantics Incorporated”. I don’t think it requires much of an explanation: “Semantics” stands for, well, semantics, and “Incorporated” for both the progressive integration of semantics into the web and the march of the industry towards big business status. I’d love to read your reactions.

And if things work as they should, you’ll also be able to access this blog through within a day or so (and the old links should keep working).

Next, I am planning to add a custom banner to go with the theme, in lieu of the offensively-plain current banner. All design suggestions are welcome, and might even be incorporated.

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Semantic appsHow Do I Get Into That Cementic Web Thing?

September 8th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Now that I’ve blogged a bit about the difficulty of getting into the semantic web vocabulary, let me do my part and post a quick view and a few links to interesting introductory pages. This will also address Pieter Jansegers’s comment to the post that started this discussion.

For the Semweb experts among you: I know you will be tempted to make corrections, or explain the differences between RDF and RDFa, the subtleties of N3, Turtle, and N-Triples as interchange formats, and the limitations of microformats. Feel free to do that in the comments, as long as you don’t expect a reply from me, as indeed this is not the point of this post!

Now, if you’re new to this, let me dive right in. We all know in the industry that the semantic web has a strange name. We’d change it if we could, but so far it’s endured at least the test of time. Just like hippopotamus or floccinaucinihilipilification (which we hope the semantic web will never be subject to…). By the way, anywhere on this blog, you can double-click on any word to get its definition…

“Semantic” stands for “science of meaning”. The goal of the “semweb” effort (semweb is how insiders abbreviate the long name, our secret handshake if you will) is to have machines get the meaning of things. In other words, to have machine understand human concepts and translate them into a machine-readable format for reuse. This way, they can process these concepts as we do (or better) and derive conclusions as we often attempt ourselves. Ultimately, they might even be able to reason like a (very logical) human being, but that’s a lofty goal we generally keep for later stages of the web evolution, such as the intelligent web. (more…)


Semantic appsMarketing the Semantic Web, My Article on Nodalities Magazine

August 8th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Talis has just released its latest issue of Nodalities Magazine, including an article I wrote on Marketing the Semantic Web. You can find it at, and I copied the article below (together with URLs that were not included in the pdf version).

My article notwithstanding… this is a very strong issue of Nodalities, with an emphasis on the business applications of the technology, and my personal favorite, the quest for the “killer app”. For those of you interested in the intersection of business and semantic technologies, I invite you in particular to check out the great articles by Andraz Tori, “New Web Cambrian Explosion – Killer Apps?”  and Eric Hoffer, “Semantic Technology in the financial industry”. I won’t mention that of Alex Iskold on search as I know you don’t need an ego boost, Alex, after all those offers for financing pouring in at the semtech conference… ;)

So, here is my article in PDF version, which you’re warmly encouraged to redistribute (as provided):

Download Nodalities_Greg_Boutin.pdf

And the HTML version: (more…)

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