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Entrepreneur’s must-have: a masterplan and to-do list

January 11th, 2011 by Greg Boutin
Shopping list

In my experience helping entrepreneurs, the most important success driver of any business founder is the capacity:

  1. to know their success drivers,
  2. and to keep everything they do tied to those.

So being able to keep one’s eyes on the prize and not get lost in the weeds is the top quality any good entrepreneur should cultivate. In this age of information overload, however, requests are being thrown at us from every direction, and in the midst of that flood it can quickly become difficult to discern what matters from the rest. (more…)

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Financial Post doesn’t read GrowthTimes, wakes up on the Ontario Emerging Technologies Matching Fund

January 13th, 2010 by Greg Boutin
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Karen Mazurkewich, Financial Post, in an interesting article on Monday entitled “The new uber-angels” comparing the VC-fund approaches of Ontario and Quebec, declares on the Ontario Venture Capital Fund that “What Ontario didn’t — or couldn’t — predict was the lack of potential co-investors for these funds.”

Karen, I would invite you and Ontario’s decision-makers to step up your due diligence and review Growth Times’s August 4th, 2009 blog post entitled “Who Will Match Ontario’s $250M Emerging Technologies Matching Fund?”…………….. (more…)


Welcoming constructive criticism, a key success driver for startups

September 11th, 2009 by Greg Boutin

At Growthroute, we believe that start-up leaders should encourage candid inputs on their company and products, and be open to discussing things that don’t work. They should welcome that feedback at least as well as they receive compliments on their successes.

Highlighting deficiencies in due time (and offering solutions) gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to address them before they really hurt, while surrounding oneself with yes-sayers is a well-known recipe for failure – and yet still as common today as it was millennia ago. So you don’t want to surround yourself with either yes- or nay-sayers, you want smart folks who tell it as it is. In the age of twitter,  getsatisfaction, yelp and blogs, being able to productively process their feedback - even when perceived as harsh - is more important today than ever before. Not doing it means not getting it. (more…)

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Talking on Techie-Biz Divide at Communitech Guelph on Sept. 3

August 31st, 2009 by Greg Boutin

I will soon have another opportunity to test my beta talk on the Divide between Technologists and Business folks, and why that is the number one root cause of tech venture failures (see my slides – torn apart by Slideshare, here!). Communitech has kindly invited me again to speak, this time at their entrepreneur group in Guelph, where I currently reside. It will take place from 6-8pm at SYNNEX Canada Ltd, 107 Woodlawn Rd W.

As a preamble to this talk, I just came across a very interesting blog post, recommended by Guelph’s very own Brydon of start-up Brainpark, arguing for the need to shift from a product development mindset to a customer development approach. I added some comments there too.

I look forward to seeing many Guelphites and having a good chat about this topic. Bring your war stories!

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Canadian Business magazine’s criticism of the Green Energy Act misses the mark

May 30th, 2009 by Greg Boutin
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Canadian Business missed the mark in its poorly researched editorial on Ontario’s Green Energy Act and the Emerging Technologies Fund in the June 15 issue.

I support innovative ventures in the cleantech space on a daily basis through my consulting practice at Growthroute, and I recently co-authored an article entitled “Could Ontario be the Next Germany?” with regard to both the Act and the Fund, published in Renewable Energy World Magazine, the most widely-read magazine on clean energy.

As we all know, Ontario has been pouring money by the billion into the car manufacturing industry and other dinosaurs. It is about time some public support be devoted to innovation in cleantech. (more…)

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