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Semantic appsAs Promised: Interview with Twine on the Usability/Engagement Question

February 27th, 2009 by Greg Boutin

A couple of weeks ago, I reported in this blog on the discussion that emerged about Twine on VentureBeat. That discussion quickly turned into some controversy about Twine’s potential “usability issues” and led me to wonder about its bizarre PR approach. Both usability and PR have been issues evoked by others in the past. Nova Spivack, who heads Twine, agreed to provide answers to the usability metric, on a different platform, as by that point the VentureBeat page had become a haven for anonymous users fueling unproductive flame wars.

Keeping Twine to its word, today I am glad to publish the result of my interview with Nova Spivack, Twine’s founder and CEO, on this blog. To prevent any accusation of potential bias, given the emotional reactions this topic has provoked on all sides in the past, I reproduce our discussion word-of-word below, in a chronological order. (more…)