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Discussion with Twine’s Founder Nova Spivack and his CTO Jim Wissner

November 5th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

Last week I had the pleasure through the Semantic Web Gang to participate in a riveting discussion with Radar Networks’ top men, Nova Spivack and Jim Wissner.

Image representing Radar Networks as depicted ...Image via CrunchBaseEven though I still don’t know how many triples they create per week :) , Nova and Jim were very forthcoming on the wide range of issues we interviewed them on: Radar Network’s platform, its link with semantic technologies and RDF in particular, as well as with other apps such as Freebase and Facebook, the usability and future of their flagship app Twine, as well as their monetization strategy. On that last aspect, I was expecting an ad-based strategy, which they certainly are exploring, but it looks like it might come in the shape of product recommendations, not just display ads. (more…)

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Semantic appsDo RDF Technologies Do the Job? What Jobs?

October 25th, 2008 by Greg Boutin

OpenCalais is RDF-based. Twine moved away from it after starting with it and created its own data representation model, "adapted from RDF". I asked them why several times, but didn't hear back on that question. From the bits I collected on the topic, my WAG is that they went back to a relational database model, perhaps because it scaled better? Zemanta also doesn't rely on RDF. Noovo, a Twine-like app, doesn't either. Few semantic web apps do. In the last issue of Nodalities, Talis CTO Ian Davis wonders "where are all the semantic web apps?". Well, here they are, Twine, Zemanta, Noovo, and many others. But they don't use RDF (note: Ian asserts Twine does, but the article by Nova Spivack in the same magazine confirms what I had heard from Nova at the Semantic Tech conference, that it is not quite the case – Twine can output RDF but it is not powered by the actual RDF stack).

So: Why not? Should they use the RDF stack? What's the problem with it? What jobs does it do well? What semantic jobs doesn't it add value to?

There has been several comments about this scattered around this blog. The comments to my latest post showed this was a hot discussion waiting to happen. So I've decided it was time to tackle the question head-on.

The debate is open. Please post your thoughts so we collectively get more clarity on the issue.

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