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10 questions to assess your website’s business performance

May 5th, 2010 by Greg Boutin
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Thanks to a client request and a full redesign under way for the Growthroute’s website and blogs, I have done a fair amount of work and thinking lately on what constitutes a good website from a business standpoint. Some of the results are shared here, in the form of 10 questions. Your comments and inputs are invited.

  1. Does it tell visitors what the company does in 5 seconds or less?
  2. Does it cater specifically to the top groups you target, and is it organized around those audiences? Does it answer the main questions a typical group member would have?
  3. Does it tell visitors what the company does not do in 5s or less? Is it differentiated from your competition? (more…)


Market product specifications and thought leadership strategy for semantic platform startup

February 7th, 2010 by Greg Boutin

Like other applications, ambitious multipurpose web platforms must start by solving a specific market problem, and find their ways into the heart of a passionate community of early adopters.

Those are the challenges I took on at the request of an intriguing multi-million stealth startup’s founders. (more…)

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